VehicleTrace Edge 60-day demonstration license

VehicleTrace™ Edge Application License Video Analytic for License Plate Recognition
The VehicleTrace application by Honeywell is a high performance vehicle license plate detection and recognition engine that runs on the edge. It supports more than 190 countries with reliable performance
over a wide range of plate types, orientations and environmental conditions. Typical uses include access control at site entrances, car park monitoring, and scenarios where vehicles travel at low speeds.

Running on supported Honeywell cameras, VehicleTrace delivers ONVIF style events for easy integration with head-end software. Honeywell’s MAXPRO® VMS augments this basic detection and reporting functionality with full featured license plate searches, and support for black- and white-listed plates. Users can program
the system to raise an alert when VIP guests arrive, or to send an alarm when a known offender visits the site. Searching through recorded footage for a vehicle of interest is also simplified with the ability to search for license plate metadata quickly and easily.

VehicleTrace is available as an uploadable module from Honeywell MyWebTech pages. Permanent licenses and free demonstration licenses are available through normal sales channels.

  • Detects up to 2 lanes of vehicles, and up to 8 plates in the view
  • Character height adjustment permits optimum results over a range of capture distances
  • Wide tolerance on the angle of tilted license plates
  • Wide tolerance on the approach angle of vehicles
  • Wide tolerance on the orientation of non-horizontal plates
  • Supports Latin and Hebrew alphabets, enabling support for 190 countries
  • Built-in grammar checker can identify the license plate’s country from up to 5 selected countries
  • Supports square plates as well as rectangular
  • Supports reading plates with either dark or light characters
  • Highly accurate
  • ONVIF-based event metadata is easily integrated into different head-ends
  • Designed for site entrance applications with vehicle speeds up to 30mph (50km/h)