LoiterTrace on Honeywell Cameras Edge License DEMO, 60 Days – 1 Channel
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LoiterTrace™ Application License Video Content Analytics Algorithm for Intelligent Loitering Detection The Xtralis LoiterTrace application, by Honeywell, provides high performance loiter detection using video analytics specifically designed for indoor/outdoor operation. LoiterTrace is an image analysis tool able to detect humans remaining too long in the scene. The analytic uses advanced algorithms to maximize target
detection and tracking. It is able to detect loitering persons even if they remain static for a long time (like when the person is sleeping). With simple “region of interest” configuration, LoiterTrace detection is suited for office lobbies, entrance halls of public buildings, etc.

LoiterTrace is now available for server platforms and edge devices. Supporting up to 32* channels on ADPRO® devices and up to 8* channels on HeiTel devices, LoiterTrace complements the powerful recording, transmission, alarm handling and flexible licensing capabilities of these established platforms with high performance video loitering detection. LoiterTrace is also available on Honeywell video cameras. Running on the device itself, LoiterTrace takes analytics to the video source, providing self-contained, high performance loitering detection on a networked device. Close integration with the device platform ensures compliant event management and alarm reporting for seamless system integration. LoiterTrace on the edge complements the rack-mount and mobile platforms with a simple camera approach to give solutions for every scenario.

  • Adjustable detection and mask areas to suit your application
  • Support for IP and Analog cameras*
  • Advanced logic to provide double knock with other events*
  • Fast and easy installation and commissioning
  • Remote servicing
  • Independent object and contrast sensitivity settings
  • Versatile loiter time adjustments to suit target and application
  • Audio link can be used to deter offenders*
  • Rapid verification and response with clearly highlighted targets