MultiModal Fingerprint + FingerVein (1:5000 User Identification, Expandable to 10 000 users)Sames as MA VP Bio, but also includes DESFIRE/MIFARE Contacless Card Reader for Card + Finger authentication)

Taking biometric access control to the next level, IDEMIA’s MorphoAccess VP series fingerprint sensor combines finger vein and fingerprint scanning to provide highly secure access control system, especially for restricted areas. MorphoAccess VP offers both one-on-on and one-on-many identification and verification.

The easy to install the biometric terminal, MorphoAccess VP | 293585753 is the first device developed by IDEMIA that combine finger vein and fingerprint biometrics in one unit. The advanced FBI PIV IQS certified sensors in the MorphoAccess VP provide unrivalled accuracy and reduce the possibility of rejecting genuine individuals and accepting impostors. The false rejection rate of the MorphoAccess VP fingerprint access control scanner is 10 times lower than the best rate obtained with finger vein or fingerprint data. The Morpho VP also offers reading for MIFARE/DESFire contactless cards.MorphoAccess VP is suitable for applications indoors or outdoors and can store up to 5,000 users in a standard unit, which extended to 10,000 users. For cases requiring the use of badges, it natively supports MIFARE/DESFire contactless smartcards in addition to biometrics. Buy MorphoAccess VP fingerprint sensors and other leading biometric innovations of IDEMIA from Stebilex Systems at best prices and benefit from fastest delivery anywhere in the Middle East.

  • Unrivalled accuracy, security and performance
  •  Identification up to 10,000 users
  •  Easy installation and connection: PoE, Wi-Fi option
  •  Combining multimodal biometrics with contactless smartcard technologies